While We Sleep
Fieras Del Volcan


I’m having fun making these little dudes. My drawings are always based so strongly in the black lines and I often feel super trapped by them. It’s hard to stray from a formula when it’s all you ever do. I love seeing stuff by Ghost Shrimp that looks like it could easily be strictly B+W but they used colour outlines. It creates a much more dynamic and interesting image. It’s difficult to get right and I’m still failing, but it’s fun to try.

Speech Patterns

So, I designed this E.P. cover for Speech Patterns.
They’re bloody amazing at life and making music.
What an honour to make this for ‘em!

Go listen to the sexy thing HERE! It sounds AMAZING!!

Andrew Topfer is a Genius
Sean Morris

Sean Morris is a rad artist from somewhere in Australia. I bought a sheet of character studies from him and he threw in a bonus one. What a super best ever nice guy. I think his work is rad and I love seeing how artists work things out. Process drawings are the best. I’m stoked with these.

Check him out at: www.ILLSEAN.com/

Sorry for the bad snaps… Check his website for good images!




Heading to Hobart? Need a room?!

The super talented man that is Aedan Howlett and his lovely lady Kel have opened up a hotel! A super sexy looking boutique budget hotel in the heart of Hobart.

Go HERE to book a night!
Rooms from $80 -$100

Check out how rad it looks!

From the sounds of things, and knowing Aedan’s undying passion for art, this place is gonna be filled to the brim with rad work! Best ever!


Man, oh man! Tom is doing some mega rad stuff.
Go to his show at Bett Gallery and go to his website!




Rad new stuff here: tip-rat.blogspot.com


Bohie has a new website. Check it out. Fancy good sign writin’ and designin’ skills.


Speech Patterns


Ali Davis Photo & Design (link HERE) has made a sweet little clip of Speech Patterns doing their thing for their new E.P.
You get a little snippet of the cover I’m designing at the end of the clip. That’s exciting.

…And here you have a picture of some dots. This is a shading layer for the back of the cover. EXCITING!