While We Sleep


There’s a photo of my artwork installation at the Brisbane Hotel in this LSD Magazine article. Rad!

Read it here: http://londonstreetartdesign.co.uk/2014/07/16/dark-mofo-festival-australia-2014-the-low-down/



On occasion I swap a few hours of labour for objects like tools or wire or in this case; awesome ceramic bowls. These are made by Wendy Edwards. She also makes awesome little coffee cups. She sells them down at the Benchmarking Birchs Bay Sculpture Trail for $15 a pop. If you’re down that way you should buy some because they’re totally the best thing ever to eat stir fry outa!

The good life.

Last night I got a rad surprise zine/poster in the mail from Alex (@hoovesmyths on the instagrams). I drank a tasty beer that good friend Adam (who runs rushfaster.com.au) left in our fridge. AND I picked some ripper greens from our garden and popped them in a stir fry. The good life!

Sculpture Trail

Hey people. My friend Wendy runs this Sculpture Trail. If you like walking through farm land and looking at rad sculptures then you should chuck ‘em some cash to help them out!


“BENCHMAKING Birchs Bay sculpture trail organisers have launched a crowd funding campaign to expand the project and ensure its longevity.

The campaign aims to raise $4640 within four weeks to rebrand and expand the popular annual event.

This year 26 new sculptures will join the 10 permanent sculptures along a 1.5km walking path through bushland on Five Bob Farm, 40 minutes south of Hobart.

The outdoor exhibition, which runs from Good Friday to mid-July, attracts up to 5000 people a year.

Artist and co-ordinator Wendy Edwards said when she and landowner Chris Read started the event they had no idea how popular it would be.

She said it would remain a fun and budget-friendly outing.”

- The Mercury


Ali is a bloody legend. Look at this amazing shit she makes! Go buy some of her stuff so she can afford to live in her new house! Her and Erin are also making some art in a room next to mine at the Brisbane Hotel for Dark MOFO. So you should check out there whacked out antics there too! Buy shit HERE!



This is my bro. He doesn’t update his blog enough. He was way better with communication technologies back in the 90s it seems.

Wet Sheets


Molly is in my Sculpture class at school. She kills it at aussie art. Check her blog out: http://wetsheets.blogspot.com.au/



Alabama Art

I’m working on some drawings for the Alabama Hotel. I’ve been meaning to get some art in there to sell for a while cause it is a bloody ripper place and the owners are bloody legends and putting art in places is super fun.

Check the place out at https://www.alabamahobart.com.au/ and then come to Tassie and stay there. OR if you’re already in Tassie just go for a casual drink in there awesome little lounge or deck area!



Had a visit from the ever-smiling Cameron Mcrae today. What a joy!





Today my brother turns 30. What a bloody legend.
Without his influence I would not be the person I am today. He’s been like a Radness Filter; hand picking the raddest of things and sending them my way, shaping the man I am today with each precious gift of awesome goodness. His passion for punk rock, his interest in rad art and his appreciation of nature and radventure have all rubbed off on me and his guidance has improved my involvement in all of these things. He’s exactly what you want in a brother; inspiring, brutal, honest and encouraging.
His love of punk rock music and his embrace of the DIY culture has had an awesome influence on me AND a massive bunch of people in Hobarts punk scene. I think his attitude and energy has shown a lot of people that they can do anything they want. Through Disconnect Records he and his mates showed us that all you need is an idea and some energy and commitment and bloody hell, you a can get one of the best ever punk bands (AGAINST ME!) to play in a tiny little Aussie state, kick start a domino effect that’d bring down a stack of other bands and breath life in to a barely breathing scene. For the kids, by the kids, about the fucking kids!
His interest and knowledge of the bestest of arts, and his brutally honest opinions of my art have had a huge impact on my artistic endeavors. His total willingness to rip my drawings to shreds if he didn’t feel they were as good as they could be meant I trusted truly and totally his positive comments when they did come and he’s made me a better artist for it.
Everything he gets interested in he embraces with all his heart and his energy and excitement is contagious. His photos are bloody remarkable (www.rollsouth.com). He’s hell good at bikes (www.bottlesandchains.com). He’s rad at computers. He reads heaps of books super fast. He walks and climbs up mountains and cliffs real well. He’s got a mega rad brain (he once failed an assignment in high school because his teacher didn’t believe he could write so well, so must have cheated.). My brother is one of the most morally solid dudes I know. He knows what he believes and does so with conviction and heart.
He can be lazy and looooves a good sit on the couch, but hey, when he gets off that couch ya better watch out cause he’s gonna be shredding up or down a mountain on boots or wheels and reading a book and taking a photo as he does it and he’ll bloody knock ya over if you ain’t keen to join in!
Happy Birthday Mischa Pringle, ancestor of border thieves, rider of bikes, world radventurer, second favourite son (and probably an accident) of Irena and Bruce.Love always,
Josh Pringle (favourite son of Irena and Bruce)