Rascalwood Postal Service

I’m writing/drawing a letter for a little bro-mate in New Zealand.


The Rats’ll Come

Sometimes at work when I do quite repetitive stuff like sanding a million windows or oiling a million planks my mind goes for massive walks all over the show. Sometimes it walks in to rhyme town and I have to grab a bit of wood before I forget what it’s found in there. It’s the start of a rhyme I’ll write and it reads:

Clean up your mess said Donnie’s mum
You’re not getting dinner until it’s done
You can’t go outside and have any fun
Clean up your mess or the rats’ll come

Donnie banged his head
Shut up mum, wish you were dead
Pushed the mess under his bed
The rats won’t come, Donnie said


Links to Missing Teens Found in Forest

The recent discovery of what seems to be a sinister occult society operating out of the Kelvin Heights Golf Course (Queenstown Daily Times, May 8th 2012) has brought a multitude of theories concerning local missing persons into the open.

Head investigator Constable B. Sutherland has told the Queenstown Daily Times that his team are investigating possible connections between three teens who went missing around the area last summer, but has denied the any connections between the found clothing and the Queenstown Golf Club.
Angry locals unconvinced with the police efforts have started taking matters into their own hands and have uncovered clues they claim the police have “conveniently missed”. Triangular symbols that were found throughout the pine forest, now known as ‘the forest of graves’, have been linked to imagery prominent within the Kelvin Heights course Club Rooms, and some even claiming connections to the Queenstown Police. Locals are accusing the police of a cover-up and are asking any one with any knowledge of the dark arts or Queenstown golf history to help with their homegrown inquiry.
From Queenstown Daily Times, May 10th 2012

Symbols found near possible ritual site

Triangular symbols. Perhaps a grave?

Secret symbolic structures


Some locals claim a cover-up?

When the cold came to town..


Drew this today. It’s cold.

Drawing it reminded me of a rhyme I wrote a few years back. Similar idea I guess. It’s longish. Click more for the rest.

The darkness didn’t understand
why he scared all the kids.
It wasn’t him that was dangerous,
it was all the things he hid.

And it sure wasn’t his fault
that the sun went away,
but he was glad to say hello
and he was glad to stay.

But he was guilty by association;
judged by the company he kept;
he always attracted the dodgy ones
while the children slept.


Hobart i miss your winters. Cold wind like splinters to the chest and nights with this worlds best.

Queenstown woke like a snake
slow from it’s den
crusty eyed backpackers
and well dressed Japanese business men.




a bit of writing

we bled the river banks dry of skimming rocks
said our  thanks and goodbyes to the mountain tops
called on our friends of the deepest blue
to change the light into a golden hue

and we drive, drive, drive
black rivers, white snake eyes

our final destination
peaks too distant for appreciation

we traded creeks and these open glades
these rocks and rivers, picks and spades
for a garbage bin
oh lord, look at the shape we’re in


Certified CrAzYdAwG Monty Mullooly-Hill has started tattooing. I’m not sure what to think about this but I’m pretty sure I’m thinking it’s rad. He does a blog now. I like it.
Monky Tattoo

Another super ledge face that me and my special lady met whilst travelling also has a blog. Here name is Jane. Her girlfriends name is Lexie. They’re rad beyond their years. Read her travel gold.
Lessons from the Gringo Trail