While We Sleep
Food Bag

Callum has made a new book/zine thing. 60 pages of drawings. Limited edition of 50. Go to www.callumdonoghue.bigcartel.com or email donoghue.callum@gmail.com to get a copy!!


Make It Great + Stay Rad!



Thanks heaps to everyone who came out last night! Hope you enjoyed the art and drinks! We had fun and super hope you did too.

For those of you who didn’t make it, you can check it out from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday till August 1st! Woo!

Love from Josh + Cameron



Make It Great + Stay Rad!




Me and my good mate Cameron are having a show at Entrepot Gallery in a week and a bit. You should come along! We’d love it if you did!




On occasion I swap a few hours of labour for objects like tools or wire or in this case; awesome ceramic bowls. These are made by Wendy Edwards. She also makes awesome little coffee cups. She sells them down at the Benchmarking Birchs Bay Sculpture Trail for $15 a pop. If you’re down that way you should buy some because they’re totally the best thing ever to eat stir fry outa!

The good life.

Last night I got a rad surprise zine/poster in the mail from Alex (@hoovesmyths on the instagrams). I drank a tasty beer that good friend Adam (who runs rushfaster.com.au) left in our fridge. AND I picked some ripper greens from our garden and popped them in a stir fry. The good life!


I’m super stoked to have one of my drawings inked forever and ever into the flesh of the mega talented Jesse Hunniford. It’s only the second time one of my drawings has been stuck into skin and I’m stoked on it! If you want to get one of my drawings inked just send me an email and I’ll probably say YEAH! Rad!



Check out his work at:

Ivy Colab


It seems that Ivy Anderson has collaborated on a piece of my art. I think she’s 100% improved it! Best ever.


Ali is a bloody legend. Look at this amazing shit she makes! Go buy some of her stuff so she can afford to live in her new house! Her and Erin are also making some art in a room next to mine at the Brisbane Hotel for Dark MOFO. So you should check out there whacked out antics there too! Buy shit HERE!



A subtle house warming gift for our good pals Hannah and Pickle.
Tropical succulent livin’.