While We Sleep
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Tiger Teeth

I’ve heard it said that old bushmen would hang Thylacine teeth outside their tents to ward off greater beasts. As the tigers disappeared new bushmen took to fashioning teeth from bone, timber and stone. The ritual has lived on long after the superstitions that created it have died. Campers will often carve tiger teeth from native Tasmanian timbers or rocks and string them together using broken boot laces or chord.




I recently had the absolute honour and privilege to draw up a tattoo design for one of the best blokes around. Duncan loves a tinnie, loves a footy and carries a stubby holder with him at all times for impromptu beers with the boys. I love him. It was inked by the talented Jordan Hooper and I think he did a ripper job.

Has Been Skate


Doing some fun things for Has Been Skate! I think product will be out in a few months and more will be coming!

Check ‘em out on instragram: @hasbeenskate 


This page is slowly being phased out. I’ll post things occasionally but until I pop my Tumblr site under the joshpringle.com domain name head over to http://joshpringle.tumblr.com for WAAAAY MORE UPDATES!

New Prints!!


I have four new prints available at http://etsy.com/shop/joshpringle !!




Hey! I’m in a real rush but here’s a few images I drew for some ledge-mate small pals I’m gonna meet this weekend.

Happy Easter!

If you or your small buddies like colouring in then feel free to print these off and colour ‘em in. Email your sweet finished colourful versions and I might show the world! joshpringle@gmail.com
Ok bye!

Jamie Hay


Poster I did for Jamie Hay! Quite happy with this little number. If you’re around Newcastle you should check this giggo out! It’ll be a blast!


Here’s the art I put in the Doin’ Drawings show at Scum Fighter Gallery!

My special lady friend just bought me a vintage tattoo flash book so I’m doing a quick morning flash sheet while I drink my tea.